Portfolio Management

How it works
  • Client profiling based on investable surplus and goals
  • Rebalancing current portfolio by eliminating inefficiencies like high expense funds and high tax attracting products
  • Ensuring all future investments follow the basic tenets of investing
  • Regular monitoring of portfolio and aligning it with best available opportunities in the financial industry
  • Goal and performance review on a monthly basis, however, this can be done ad-hoc or with lower frequencies depending on portfolio allocation and your personal preferences

There are many among you who have already decided your future goals or maybe asset allocation among various categories. In that case, we too can add value by addressing the following questions:

  • Which equity fund do I choose?
  • Which is a safe debt product which will guarantee me the best returns?
  • What is the best way to invest in gold?
  • With my monthly savings of INR 15,000, I want to build a corpus of more than INR 1,00,00,000 before I retire. How do I achieve this?
Taxation (investment related) advisory

Some of our sophisticated clients would be interested solely in ensuring that the in hand income and on paper income doesn’t vary by much.

Retirement and contingency planning

This service is self explanatory and can be also seen as an amalgamation of some of our other services. Apart from the corpus that some working professionals like you build over their lifetime might or might not be sufficient when you retire. So, we ensure that you build a corpus at retirement which will suffice for your needs when you are left with no direct source of income.

MIS/ Reporting and performance tracking

For the review and monitoring process, it is quintessential that data is presented in a quickly digestible format. We value your time above all else and that’s why we are fully flexible about the format in which you would like us to present your investments and review it e.g. whether it is directly from statements or from our range of different views we provide for data presentation


Our portfolio management services should cost a fraction of what a traditional investment advisor charges. Apart from this, if we make any commissions/ brokerage from service providers, we provide you full disclosure of the same to you.

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