Our Story


We as a group of investment management professionals have been managing wealth for our clients for the past decade. Our investment managers currently manage about INR 2500 crores of financial assets and an additional undisclosed amount of physical assets which range from real estate, commodities, power plants (green energy), to mention some. All these management has been taking place on a one to one basis i.e. through physical interactions with the wealth creators and owners.

However, many a time, our friends and acquaintances often ask us questions like “Where do I invest my money?”, “When do I invest my money?” and “How do I invest my money?”

As a collective thought, we decided to harness the power of information technology and collectively answer the question “When, where and how do you invest your hard earned money?”-

IAI is a culmination of the thought where we brought under one roof data scientists, financial analysts, fund managers, tax lawyers and chartered accountants who will able to not only answer your queries but also manage your investments in an unbiased and aligned manner.


Our portfolio management services should cost a fraction of what a traditional investment advisor charges. Apart from this, if we make any commissions/ brokerage from service providers, we provide you full disclosure of the same to you.

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