IAI is an investment advisor that takes academically researched portfolio management principles and applies them to your situation. Our recommendation algorithms are based on these principles and academic works.

Passive or Index Investing: No longer having to pick stocks

IAI's portfolio recommendations pick out for you funds and products which have a low cost. One fact, we as investors, sometimes fail to realise or ignore is the cost associated with a product. This cost is charged by the product manufacturer e.g. for a mutual fund, it is the charge levied by the fund house and is a charge which is deducted from your returns without you even noticing. Therefore, we favor index funds or bigger funds which generally are low cost. Not only do these funds perform better in the long run as illustrated by academic research shows that they're also more tax efficient. This is because the regular churn (buying and selling) that fund managers do in a futile effort to time the market generate tax liability apart from brokerage, which is then passed on to you the investor.

Diversification tailor made for you: maximise returns, minimise risks

As part of our profiling process, which amalgamates your financial and personal history along with assets, liabilities and cash flow, we at IAI prepare a specific portfolio for your age, risk tolerance, and investment time horizon using industry-standard benchmarks. In some years stocks beat bonds, in other years it's commodities or real estate, or some other asset class. Broad diversification helps capture these long-term returns of the market and reduces risk.

Fees as low as you like: Bigger your portfolio, lower our fees

IAI makes your portfolio fees transparent and helps you pick fee options as per your suitability. We, at IAI, realise that our fees may drag down your portfolio growth because the money you pay in fees never get a chance to grow and this compounds over time to be a loss. Therefore, we ensure that our fees are not self defeating, rather insure that you make much more by investing with IAI than you pay in fees.

Continual review and Re-allocation: Investing time above all else will increase returns

IAI continually monitors and reminds you to re-allocate your portfolio to produce higher, more stable returns by capitalising or holding on as the situation demands. Managing risk is our key contribution as your “Personal Investment Office”. Research has shown that quarterly re-balancing can produce smoother returns. Invariably, non-rebalanced portfolios suffer greater losses during market downturns.

Value Investing: With a long term view

IAI takes your investments to the next level by generating returns above the benchmark by investing in Value funds, both in India and internationally.

Distinguishing features

  • We provide you the best of both worlds, an option of physical interaction, hand holding by our local representatives as well as digital access to our fund managers and dedicated relationship managers. Physical interactions can always complement our digital interactions as per your requirements.
  • Cost advantages (having an online model of operation greatly contributes towards reduction in operational costs) which result in lower fees for you
  • Uninterrupted service (We have set-up a nationwide network with service providers/ asset management companies which ensures seamless service); Some of the premier brands we have partnered with are:
    • HDFC Asset Management Company
    • ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company
    • Reliance Capital
    • Birla Sunlife
    • Religare
    • Edelweiss
    • Amrapali Aadya Trading & Investment
    • And many more
  • SLA - We ensure that on working hours of business days, you have 2 contact persons (1 relationship manager and 1 fund manager) on call and email (email with a TAT of 24 hours)


Our portfolio management services should cost a fraction of what a traditional investment advisor charges. Apart from this, if we make any commissions/ brokerage from service providers, we provide you full disclosure of the same to you.

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