Take Our Money-Back Challenge

Take our Money-Back Challenge


Compare our costs with your current advisors. On a average, we estimate that we will cut your costs by at least half and in without fail, our charges will be lower than other traditional advisors (wealth management firm and banks or personal advisors). After a year of our services, compare our costs with the costs you incurred while invested earlier without us. If our costs are higher, we refund you back the entire fees paid to you.

Most of the advisors charge fees in the guile of management fees, service charges, advisory fees, success fee and what not. Our charges are simple and transparent - One flat fee which can be as low as 0 (ZERO). No other hidden charges whatsoever. Any fees we make is never charged to your investment and always pre-authorised and paid directly by you to us. Others may not be charging you fees directly, but carve out their share indirectly from your investments.


Our portfolio management services should cost a fraction of what a traditional investment advisor charges. Apart from this, if we make any commissions/ brokerage from service providers, we provide you full disclosure of the same to you.

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